Ravens’ backup QB Trace McSorley hopes to get on the field, somewhere


Ravens backup quarterback Trace McSorley is a good enough all-around athlete that when he was coming out of Penn State last year, some teams asked him to work out as a defensive back at the Scouting Combine. At the time, McSorley refused. Now, he just wants to get on the field.

McSorley will obviously not be competing for the starting quarterback job in Baltimore as long as Lamar Jackson is there, and McSorley is currently behind Robert Griffin III on the depth chart as well. But he said he’s eager to get on the field in his second season after playing only in the Ravens’ meaningless Week 17 game as a rookie.

“I want to show coaches that I can help the team on the field this year,” he told PennLive.com. “Last year, being inactive all year — this season, I want to be able to get on the field somehow and help the team, help the team win. That’s the biggest thing.”

If McSorley is going to help the team on the field, it would likely be in a role similar to the one Taysom Hill plays in New Orleans. That’s not exactly what McSorley was hoping for entering the league, but it’s better than sitting on the sidelines.