Colts think Michael Pittman Jr.’s maturity will help transition to NFL


Like all the other rookies entering the NFL this year, Colts second-round pick Michael Pittman Jr.’s transition from college to the pros has been hampered by the lack of on-field work during the offseason program.

Making up for lost time will be one of the things that Colts wide receivers coach Mike Groh will be focused on when training camp opens. Groh told the team’s website that Pittman has the right physical tools and instincts to thrive while adding that his time in college has also prepared him to pick up offensive concepts quickly.

“So in terms of his ability to grasp an NFL system, he played in multiple systems throughout his college career, different coordinators, so he’s had to adapt there, had the mental flexibility to be able to do that,” Groh said. “I don’t think he’s a guy that you only have to play at one position. I think we’ll be able to move him around a little bit inside, outside to be able to utilize a skillset, great matchup advantages for him and for us. So, I just think that there’s a maturity there for a guy that’s spent a full four years in college and really had to earn his way and played on special teams and been productive on special teams.”

Quarterback Philip Rivers and running back Jonathan Taylor are also new arrivals in key offensive spots for the Colts this year. The ability to put all of the pieces together quickly will have a lot to do with how the Colts fare in the standings.